Manmat Freight harness

Tillfälligt slut

X-back type of harness made especially for weight pulling and wheel sled dogs (dogs closest to your sled).

This harness was created to protect pulling dogs from problems with their hips and knees joints. Its used for "wheel dogs" which are harnessed closest to the sled and dogs who do weight pulling.

Extending the overall length of the harness reduces the pull angle so it does not create unnatural pressure on the hip joints and back of the dog's body. The tow line is almost horizontal and the harness encircles the dog from the sides of the hind thighs, and not from the top, like a classic X-back harness.

Suitable for Alaskan Husky, Weimaraner, European Sled Dog or Dalmatian breeds.

Sports: weight pulling, mushing

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