Manmat Light weight harness

Harness LIGHT WEIGHT is a racing harness that has adjustable chest part.

This harness also has a different proportion of length and the girth of neck (smaller girth + more length).

The harness is designed for ALASKAN HUSKIES and for dogs with flat and wider chest chest and a rectangular body profile.

The main advantage of the LIGHT WEIGHT harness is its strong sewing but in the same time very comfotable. Two connected straps between the front legs are designed to prevent abrasion in the armpit. This harness is combination of smaller neck circumference and longer back length.

It is made of double-layer light-weighted polypropylene and fully padded due to the sensitivity of the dog's that use it. The material prevents hair pulling and abrasion of the skin.

REFLECTIVE STRIPES sewn on the sides and on the upper cross of the harness allow good visibility of the dog at night and at the same time do not dazzle.

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336,00 kr