Manmat Half lash harness

Special "3/4 size" harness made for recreational sports activities such as skijöring, canicross, bikejöring or scootering.

 Shorter form of harness LASH more suitable for medium size breeds to enjoy all kinds of sports activities. Designed mainly for dogs who have skinny body and smaller neck girth. Special PU foam used in combination with the nylon material on the inside of the harness ensures comfortable and free movement. The material does not cause abrasions especially on less hairy parts of the body where the skin is thin and sensitive.

Suitable for breeds of Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd and also some types of hound dogs.

REFLECTIVE ELEMENTS sewn on the sides and on the top of the harness allow good visibility of the dog at night and at the same time do not dazzle.

Sports: canicross (recreational), bikejoring (recreational), scootering (recreational), skijoring (recreational

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