Manmat Siberian race harness

Long X-back harness is made especially for dog pullers like Siberian Husky.

SIBERIAN RACE is a type of long harness technologically adapted for dog team running during long distances.

This harness has a specially adapted chest part where is concentrated most of the pulling force. Two parallel straps distribute the pull better and prevents the harness from unwanted turning. To choose the right size of harness is very important!!!

Soft strap material and smooth padding improve grip and perfectly copy the shape of dog's body.

Sophisticated technology ensures the dog comfort and free movement without unpleasant abrasions (especially in less hairy parts of the body where the skin is thin and sensitive).

Suitable for dog breeds such as Siberian Husky or Alaskan Husky.

REFLECTIVE STRIPES sewn on the sides and on the upper cross of the harness allow good visibility of the dog at night and at the same time do not dazzle.

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528,00 kr